Stone chips for gabion filling (Price EUR / m3)



1. Stone chips for filling gabion

Stone chips are a by-product that results from splitting different types of stone finishing materials. Most of these materials are filled in metal gratings, which further serve as a retaining wall. Crushed stone with metal gratings is used mainly for strengthening coastal slopes, fence posts, or as dividing strips along the roadside. The rubble is also used for the restoration of old buildings.

2. Stone materials for filling gabion

Metal gratings for gabion can also be filled with other stone materials. One of the options is to place different types of stone slabs in visible places (front), such as broken stones in half, irregular granite slabs, etc. On the other hand, where there is an invisible part, small boulders or stone chips are crushed. Metal gratings for gabion can also be filled with round boulders. It is a free choice for each client.

Most commonly used for:

  • Fence posts
  • For strengthening coastal slopes
  • In the construction of retaining walls
  • For stone wall restoration works

Different, thickness. Price EUR / m3


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