Broken stones in half (Price EUR / m2)




Often customers have questions, then what are broken stones?

Broken stones are those in which one plane is broken and the other remains intact semicircular. What makes these materials special is that they are split, the broken side of the stone retains its natural contour: round, elongated, etc …

These stones will work best in places where the thickness of the material is less significant, such as driveways, yards and paths. Sometimes this material is used for house foundations (plinth), retaining walls and restoration of old walls.

Most commonly used for:

  • Well
  • Basement
  • For lawns, driveways
  • Home facades for plinths
  • Fence posts
  • Retaining walls
  • Decorative garden landscaping
  • Fountains
  • For wall restoration works
  • Campfire places

Available sizes:

  • Ø 10-40 cm, thickness: 5-15 cm. Price per m2


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