Granite cobblestone (Price EUR / m2)


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Granite cobblestone is characterized by three words – hardness, durability and beauty. Granite paving is available in different sizes. We make the dimensions of the cobblestone according to the customer’s wishes. Most commonly used for:

  • Trails
  • Driveways
  • Yards
  • Campfire places
  • Rotary circles

Available sizes:

  • 8x8x8 cm, price 50EUR / m2
  • 10x10x5 cm, price 45EUR/m2
  • 10x10x10 cm, price 50EUR/m2
  • Variousx10x10 cm, price 70EUR / m2″
  • 20x10x10 cm, price 100 EUR/m2

Additional information

Granīta bruģakmens

8x8x5 cm, 8x8x8 cm, 10x10x5 cm, 10x10x10 cm, Miscellaneousx10x10 cm 20x10x10 cm, Irregular granite paving


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