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Ziemeļu akmens IK

The company “Ziemeļu Akmens IK” ​​is engaged in the production and sale of cracked Latvian boulder finishing slabs, granite cobblestones, cornerstones and stone chips (gabions). Customers in Latvia and abroad are increasingly using various granite products, as they appreciate the natural beauty of the stone material, as well as its longevity, physical properties and its aesthetics. The Latvian boulder is unique in that it is multicolored and one stone can have several color schemes. Stone is the most durable material since ancient times. The company can safely say that due to the physical properties of the stone, it is a unique material that can be relied on, for example, it will not break after 5 years, or it will not change its physical properties drastically. The experience gained by the company’s founder allows us to produce high-quality and unique stone materials at attractive prices. The company’s employees work with the highest return to achieve the best possible result. Any customer wishes – it is our challenge to realize them!

Mārcis Ziemelis

Leader / Founder


Mārcis Ziemelis

Full of determination and energy, just over four years ago I started the profession of stonemason. Through self-study, I gained knowledge of how boulders are broken with a stone hammer. It is clear that strength alone was not enough in this profession, so I am looking for other opportunities to learn new skills for working with a hammer. I gained knowledge about stone fibers, directions and its composition. Being ambitious and full of energy, I did not stop at what I had achieved, but bought a stone press and in June 2017 founded the company – Ziemeļu Akmens IK. Knowing the ancestral stone splitting processes and stone structure, I have become a specialist in my field – Akmeņkali. In the company – Ziemeļu akmens responsible for production and logistics processes, business planning and development, material quality constructs and customer service.

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Irregular granite slabs


Having been working in the stone processing industry for several years, we have found that the best product purchased by the company is “irregular granite slabs”. These stone finishing tiles are divided into three sizes: small, medium and large. As many plates are divided into three variants, each customer can choose the one they like best. Benefits of purchasing these stone tiles:

    Specific thickness
    All faces broken
    Both sides can be used”
    Easy to install in objects
    Durable material, ecological, beautiful, natural
    Rich color gamut
    Variety of shapes

The most commonly used places for stone tiles:

    Lawn paths, driveways
    House facades
    Home basics
    Fence posts
    Retaining walls

Broken stones in half

Having been working in the stone processing industry for several years, we have found that the second best product bought in the company is broken stones in half. Broken stones are those in which one plane is broken and the other remains intact – semicircular. What makes this material special is that when it is split, the broken side of the stone retains its natural contour: round, elongated, etc … These stones will fit best in places where the thickness of the material is less significant, such as driveways, yards and paths. Sometimes this material is used for house foundations (plinth), retaining walls and restoration of old walls.

Benefits of buying these stones:

    One plane broken
    Easy to install in objects
    Durable material, ecological, beautiful, natural
    Rich color gamut
    The variety of shapes preserves the contour of the stone

They are most often used for:

    For lawns, driveways
    Home facades plinths
    Fence posts
    Retaining walls
    Decorative garden landscaping
    For wall restoration works
    Campfire places




Natural stone (decotatory stone) is one of the most suitable materials for creating a garden landscape. Decorative stones are special with a variety of colors, veins, adhesions, reminiscent of previously seen objects in nature. As a component of nature, they also fit perfectly with plants, water and trees. We have many different decorative stones available, so customers can come to us and choose the one they like best.

The most commonly used are:

    Rock gardens
    For improvement works
    For decorative purposes
    Stone steps
    For the creation of fountains
    For demarcation of carriageways

The prices of decorative stones depend on the specific stone – Write or call to find out more.

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